How to decorate your home for this Valentine: ten ideas for a romantic home for this Valentine

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there seems to be a romance in the air, a song in the heart, and a bounce in the footsteps. And you also want to flow into romance and you want to do something really special for your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. But I do not know where to start. Going to that five-star hotel is too expensive, so you want to create that atmosphere in your home, but how?

Here’s how you can create a romantic, five-star hotel or restaurant-style atmosphere in your home.

1. The basics

Before you start decorating, do the basics like a thorough cleaning, create the atmosphere with lighting, place candles in all strategic positions, change the cotton bedspreads for silk, satin or satin. Swap the heavy curtains for sheer and lace – there’s something eternally romantic about loose curtains. Deep cleaning involves cleaning the sofa, bedspreads, and mattresses with a vacuum cleaner. The idea is to get a dust-free home. And sofas, bedspreads, and mattresses collect dust that isn’t visible to the naked eye. Get rid of cobwebs, dust and vacuum the walls too.

After you’ve cleaned, set the mood with lighting. Turn off all the hard lights and turn on your table lamps, or floor lamps not only add to the cozy feeling you’re trying to create, they look really cool. You can opt for paper or stained glass lampshades. The choice is entirely yours.

Once you are done with that, now change the bedding in all rooms to silk or satin, you can also go for satin. To add more romance to your bedroom, you can opt for lace bedspreads. So you’ve taken care of the basics, now move on to the actual decor.

2. Candy decorations

Take some red and pink heart-shaped candies (easily available in the market) and place them in a nice glass, ceramic, crystal or silver bowl and place it in a visible place but out of the reach of children.

3. Valentine cookies

If you love to bake, then there is nothing more romantic than the fragrance of freshly baked heart-shaped cookies dusted with a red and pink sugar topping. Share it with your family to enjoy the true spirit of Valentine’s Day.

4. Stuffed animals

Buy some cute looking stuffed animals with love messages written on them or have a romantic heart in their hands and put them everywhere in your home. You can also hang them with the wind chimes.

5. Cupids and angels

Display a collection of traditional or whimsical elegant angels, cherubs and cupids to create a squishy feel in your home.

6. Heart-shaped collage of family photos

Take out the family album, select some good pictures (the ones from the first vacation together, the snapshots from their honeymoon), he came up with the idea. Now take a cardboard and cut it into a heart shape, set it aside now take a graph paper, place the cardboard heart on the graph paper and with a scale and pencil mark the graph paper. Make sure there is a one-inch difference between a cardboard and a graph paper heart. Carefully glue the heart from the graph paper to the cardboard and you are ready to make a heart-shaped collage of family photos. You can decorate the border or the heart with lace and ribbon. And you can create a collage for every room in your home.

7. Potpourri

Buy a good potpourri and place it in strategic positions around your home to add fragrance and romance to your home.

8. Mirrors

Mirrors not only add depth and dimension to the room, but also create a romantic atmosphere. Decorate your home with mirrors of various shapes and sizes. You can decorate the edges with the laces, ribbons or laces or even with red heart-shaped balloons.

9. Spread the joy with I Love You

Hang red heart-shaped balloons, ribbons and strings in your home with the message of love. You can also hang small stuffed animals, red and pink hearts, heart-shaped wind chimes to add to the Valentine’s Day spirit.

10. Flowers and music

Get some fresh flowers and place them on the center table, dining room table, and in each and every room in your home. You can also decorate your home with flowers. For example, take a bouquet and stick it on the front door and all the other doors. Top picks include Calyx and Corolla, Gardener’s Eden, and the vintage pick at Alpharetta. Tulips in red, white and pink or even carnations can add color to your home.

Now that everything has been settled, you can sit back and play soft, romantic music that complements your efforts and adds to the romantic feel of your home, such as a five-star hotel or restaurant.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started and then you can use your own creativity and imagination to put together a surprise that is sure to surprise your partner.

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