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Epila hair removal laser: is it a good solution for permanent hair removal?

Named for the hair removal process, the Epila hair removal laser is another one of the small handheld laser hair removal devices now being marketed for the home user. Like all of these devices, it offers the promise of removing unwanted hair on the legs, body, or pubic region using the same laser technology used by professional hair removal experts, but at a small fraction of the cost. Such lasers work by heating the hair inside the follicles, damaging or killing the follicles and making them unable to produce hair any longer. Home models do not offer the versatility of commercial machines, but provide considerable flexibility, privacy, and great savings for the home user.

The Epila hair removal laser is best used on hair that has already been shaved as close to the skin as possible.

This is true for all laser hair removal treatments, as if more hair remains, it will absorb the heat that should be concentrated in the follicle and make the treatment less effective, or possibly totally ineffective. The laser is intended to heat the hair within the follicle.

The manufacturer recommends that you apply cooling gel to your skin two to three minutes before using the laser. The pain of laser application is said to be similar to that of a rubber band breaking against the skin, so the user should be prepared for some pain during treatment.

The laser has three settings: low, medium, and high, and new users should be careful to start with the lowest setting and work upward if more intense hair removal is necessary.

The Epila laser has a diode laser with a long wavelength, and the company claims that it is therefore more effective for hair removal on dark-skinned users than comparable devices, as laser hair removal is often difficult on dark complexions because the skin absorbs more laser energy than it should for maximum effectiveness. However, Epila’s “spot size”, the width of the laser beam on the skin, is extremely small, and many users report that only one or two hairs can be treated at a time, making using this laser is a long and painstaking process. process.

As with all hair removal lasers, Epila tends to make the skin where it is used extremely sensitive for several days afterward, and direct sunlight, as well as any potentially harsh chemicals or makeup, should be avoided.

Hair will continue to fall out for several weeks after treatment, and several monthly treatments may be needed to completely remove hair from one region of the body. Some users report a successful treatment without painful side effects, while others report that they were injured by the laser and did not experience a decrease in hair growth, although it is unclear whether the latter used the cooling gel that protects the skin and tends to focus the laser. heat in the follicles.

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