Demigod vampire lord Erebus

Lord Erebus is a general-type demigod in the Demigod computer game developed by Gas Powered Games. Erebus is a very fun character to play and is one of my favorite characters in the game.

Its first and main power is the bite. Biting hurts and heals you. After the bite, the enemy’s armor is reduced and slowed down, this is the best time for your entire team to focus on that enemy. The more you upgrade this power, the more damage, it steals life, slows, and reduces armor. The power is really useful from the beginning and it is always the first power I choose.

Another good power is the mist. Erebus turns to mist, when it is active you cannot take any damage and it will dispel any effects, it also drains the life of the enemies if they are in it and heals your allies. This is very useful against the filthy beast and Regulus, if the filthy beast spits it just goes into the mist and most of the damage will be avoided, the same with Regulus when he charges his shot, he hits the mist immediately and he will waste the shot in a Thin layer. air. This takes some practice but is very useful.

The last power we will look at is Mass Charm, you can overlook the power at first, but it is very useful. Stuns all demigods in a given area, the more you upgrade it, the longer the effect lasts. This power is great for the team. Just tell your team you’re going to stun and everyone can score tons of free throws. You can also use this power to prevent your enemies from fleeing. Mass Charm is also Erebus interrupt, which means you can stop and the enemy teleports with him or interrupt your enemy while he is casting a spell.

Lord Erebus is a great character to play with and rewarding to master.

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