Six basics of tweet etiquette on Twitter

Twitter is a community of people seeking knowledge. As in any other community, there are guidelines on how to communicate and treat others. Here are some basics related to appreciation, grammar, and information sharing to help you remember if you choose to acknowledge others or communicate with followers on Twitter. Express gratitude If others retweet (RT) something you tweeted, you […]

Five Things Christian Writers Should Know

“Just because you have a computer doesn’t make you a writer,” said an editorial executive at a recent Book Expo of America. The fact is, 81% of all Americans think they should write a book (according to Write & Publish magazine) and only two percent of that crowd ever complete a manuscript and publish it. Real computers have made writing […]

6 tips for designing your own t-shirts

If you are a creative person and you like to produce original designs, we suggest that you design your own t-shirts. When someone praises your creative designs, it will be a moment of happiness for you. Today, it is much easier to make your own t-shirt designs. There are a large number of apps that allow you to choose from […]

Tweet Adder – Your Best Tweeting Companion

Tweet Adder is a must for you, especially if you are using Twitter for your online business. Times are changing and with them the way people go about their daily activities. About a decade and a half ago, people used to buy products through brick-and-mortar stores, but all of that has changed lately. Today, people depend more on the Internet […]

Taking a closer look at video conferencing

Video conferencing is defined as real-time audio and video meetings, sessions, and discussions that take place between two or more users in different locations. Video conferencing technologies have become a boon for small and large companies that have their operations in different parts of the world. It has become easier to interact with employees with this strategic communication tool and […]

Why Business Owners Are Losing the Marketing Curve

Many business owners are losing the marketing curve associated with today’s mobile culture through push notifications. That’s right, too many business owners focus on social media marketing campaigns. While social media marketing is still a great resource, push notifications have better delivery and a claim to your customers’ mobile devices. This is one of the best marketing tools when you […]