Shelf Corporations Uncensored – The Truth About Shelf Corps

Shelf corporations or shelf corporations are typically corporations that have been left on the “shelf” to age. Typically, individuals buy joint stock companies to 1. Have access to credit that they would not have access to with new corporations. 2. Have the ability to apply for a government contract. Some contracts require companies that are two years old or older. […]

10 ways to save money and get rid of debt

Are you sick of living from paycheck to paycheck? Do you find that you spend as much or more than you earn? If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding yes, there is something you can do about it. All you have to do is remove some of the items that cost you a small fortune annually: […]

How to choose a stockbroker

The world has changed incredibly in the last two decades, and there is no greater indication of that than in the world of investing and stock trading. In times past, most investors chose their stocks through a traditional stockbroker at a brokerage firm. The transaction would involve the issuance of paper share certificates to the share buyer. The types of […]

Where to easily find an SBA loan

Finding financing for a small business may take some perseverance, but finding genuine local small business loan information has never been easier. Today’s business owners can use the Internet to select and locate the best financing for their situation, starting with government-backed small business programs administered at both the state and local levels. These are the main places from which […]

Skip 100 calories today, lose 10 pounds this year

You can lose ten pounds this year without lifting a weight, without starting a diet, and without tying your running shoes. In fact, it’s what you DON’T DO that will shed those ten pounds. Just DO NOT eat those extra 100 calories a day. 100 calories is easy to find, we’ll go over that later. Here’s why it works: By […]

Five great investment features

We favor low-cost, fiscally efficient, diversified, liquid and simple investments. Many investors often have problems when they invest in things that do not have these five characteristics. Investments with these five characteristics have been profitable over time, but they are usually not very interesting. Usually there is no “hot story you need to act on now.” associated with them. The […]