What You Need to Know Before Competing for a Federal Grant!

For beginners, visit the Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog at cfda.gov for a complete overview of the grants you may be eligible for. Grant descriptions include the purpose of the grant, its uses and restrictions, eligibility requirements, and other correlated information. Information on the grant application process is available on the CFDA website. It is a good reference material. Veteran applicants, […]

Safety culture: managerial leadership and employee participation

Is there a simple method to increase employee safety awareness, reduce injuries and loss-making events, lower operating costs, improve overall productivity, and improve employee morale? The answer is yes! There are many ways to achieve this, and as a business leader, you can address this challenge simply by developing and managing your security process more effectively. This will lead to […]

Better ways to track employee attendance

The promptness of employees when they report to work is crucial to any business. It can hurt your business financially when workers don’t show up for work or take too much time off due to illness. Productivity goes down and owners lose a huge amount of money. There are several ways to ensure that the employee shows up for work […]

Dot Painting & Its Difficulty

Dot Painting Invented in 1923 by artist Paul Durand-Ruel, it was the very first dot painting technique that allowed artists to express themselves. It is also the first technique that many artists used as the concept wasn’t really taken seriously at first and many artists could not understand why others didn’t take it seriously. The technique itself was nothing more […]

"The best" The Japanese is here!

How does your Japanese compare? If you want it to pile up, you need to know how to make comparisons and talk about what is “best” or “best.” Think of the popular saying: “Love is the most important of all.” Without being able to make comparisons in English, you couldn’t say this. Once you learn how to say something is […]

Segmented depreciation

I love segmented depreciation. To understand the value and beauty of this, let’s take a look at what depreciation is. In accounting, you can write off a certain amount of depreciation as a cost or loss. You see, the IRS considers your assets to be “spent” and they become less valuable over time. For example, if you own a trucking […]