Brazilian Mastiffs: Is This The Right Dog Breed For You?

The Brazilian Mastiff is believed to have originated from the English Mastiff. Over the past two hundred years, there have been many mixed breeds of dogs and mixed dogs that have interbred with the Fila to create the breed we know today. However, a Portuguese Sheepdog known as the Rafiero, a kind of instinctual bulldog, and the Saint Hubertus Hound are thought to be the ones involved in creating the dog we love and enjoy today.

In recent years there has been a trend to breed the Brazilian Mastiff with the milder-tempered dogs that favor the gentle English Mastiff. English Mastiffs have been easier to sell and have proven to be a better financial investment for their owner.

Still, there are always devotees who are very fond of the Brazilian Mastiff, which tends to have a prominent hound character.

The Fila Brailliero, as it is called in Brazil, tends to be smaller than the English Mastiff, it is more energetic and vigorous.

In subsequent years there were extensive mixes created by breeding with the Neapolitan Mastiff, Great Dane and English Mastiff in a trial for more exotic coat colors. We can often see the influence of these breeds though today Brazilian Mastiffs which are the apparent result of miscegenation or miscegenation in the past.

The Fila Brasileiro has an obvious trait that is considered important and highly prized. It is the intense antipathy towards strangers. This sets this breed apart from all other mastiffs and makes it a great guardian for people, property, and family. This also implies that the Brazilian Mastiff is a type of dog that needs careful training.

It is not a breed for beginners, who has a dog for the first time.

The truth is, it really shouldn’t be owned by anyone who hasn’t owned or trained at least one other type of guard dog before.

As with any guard dog breed, the Brazilian Mastiff should not be left alone with strangers. Specific fencing is also recommended. A tall fence of at least 6 feet would prevent it from jumping out of the yard.

Special leashes and collars for mastiffs are also manufactured. These accessories are important for the handling and training of the dog.

In short, the Brazilian Mastiff, with all its strength and power, is said to be a great family dog ​​that loves children, is affectionate, and the best watchdog one can hope for.

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