Gain muscle and lose fat: improving the Zig-Zag method

The zigzag diet is a fascinating concept that has many followers, the idea is that by alternating calorie intake, you can create a caloric deficit without suppressing your metabolism. This is not effective for a couple of reasons. The decrease in metabolic rate generally follows a decrease in weight or activity level, which makes perfect sense. A sensible calorie restriction […]

Becoming a child custody attorney

This professional is a family attorney who specializes in child custody cases, helping to protect children’s rights. To become a child custody attorney, you would have to follow the same path as any attorney but specialize in child custody cases. In most states, you would need a bachelor’s degree, such as a bachelor’s degree, before you can go to law […]

Shelter dog: how did it get here?

Let’s talk about the dog rescued at the local dog shelter. In a recent article, I sought to raise awareness about dogs found in a dog rescue shelter, but now let’s get a better understanding before entertaining dog shelter adoptions. An abandoned dog can be in the dog shelter for a number of reasons. It can be a rescued dog, […]

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo is a first person shooter game with the story of a movie and the artwork of a graphic novel. Some say it is overrated; it’s one of the most replayable games I’ve come across, especially when playing with friends. So why not buy the original Halo? Halo: Combat Evolved is a game with an incredible story and that allows […]

Bears in the hawks

This game was televised on national television, Sunday Night Football, for a reason; It was expected to be a very close battle. It did not disappoint. This game started as a defensive battle with zero points scored in the first quarter. The Falcons couldn’t make anything come out offensively. The Bears made their first drive of the game on the […]

The blackening of America and other places!

It’s not about race; it’s about oil and unlearned lessons, neglected warnings, missed opportunities, and a black future. Have you noticed that the news is full of accusations, promises of investigations, formation of commissions, warnings of prosecutions and basic indications? What is the subject of all this attention? Obviously, it’s the ongoing Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. […]

Seven major changes to the iPhone 7

Compared to previous Apple products, the new iPhone 7 brings seven major changes, including jet black, headphone jack, waterproof home button, dual cameras, new CPU, and longer battery life. First of all, the most obvious feature of this new iPhone 7 is the jet black body color. A pristine, mirror-like surface and high-gloss finish make it look eye-catching and extraordinary. […]

Health and Safety Code Requirements for a Salad Bar or Buffet and How to Prevent Food Poisoning

Except for high-end establishments, almost all types of restaurants these days have some type of self-service customer buffet or salad bar that serves ready-to-eat food. Even El Pollo Loco and other Mexican-style restaurants allow you to choose and fill up on a variety of sauces. Asian-style all-you-can-eat restaurants are another big one and many are popping up in most major […]

Stay healthy and enjoy a happy sex life

Women’s fitness and healthy living can offer many benefits for their physical and mental health. But did you know that a healthy lifestyle can be the key to promoting a happy sex life? The better you feel physically, the more likely you are healthy enough to have sex. Developing your muscles, especially the pelvic floor muscles, actually helps improve the […]