Knock of Death for Incentive Stock Options

A federal court in Florida has just ruled that restricted stock (on which most incentive stock options are based) cannot have any value simply because it is constrained. (Visit the site below for the court’s opinion.) Williamson v. Moltech Corporation started in New York in 1995. Although it is now in bankruptcy court, New York law applies in this case, […]

Types of Continuing Nursing Education for Nurses

Continuing Nursing Education for Nurses There are several types of continuing nursing education available to nurse practitioners. Although some states require all nurses to take continuing education courses, other states have specific requirements. Continuing nursing education courses are typically required of all types of nurses. These courses should also be related to the clinical practice that RNs perform. This article […]

How to Buy CITA DU

Buy CITA DU Whether you’re considering a CITA refill or simply want to buy some CITA DU refills, you’re probably wondering how you can buy CITA DU. There are a number of ways to go about doing so. One popular method involves using a toner reactivator to change your ink color. This method is known as Reacting Toner 2.0. The […]

Let go of fear with magic

Here we have a rather interesting topic. What fears have held you back over the years? Is it random things that scare you, or something much deeper that you can’t quite pinpoint? Did you know that demons have a specialty in this? Angels can help, but demons are pretty good at solving problems like fears that can cripple us for […]

Understanding seller prices in real estate

Many homebuyers make the mistake of assuming that the price listed on a home is somehow related to its actual value. In fact, the price is often not. What is the fair price of a home? Many would argue that the fair price is the price agreed upon between a buyer and a seller when they conclude negotiations in the […]

Real World Project Management – Communications

Have you ever been on the side of the conversation where all you heard was a voice like Charlie Brown’s teacher? “Wa-wa-waa-wwaa.” (It would be fun if you saw more Charlie Brown.) But what about listening to your date? Yada yada blah blah Cubs game blah blah beer blah blah pizza. Or what happens when your favorite project team member […]

The queerness of identity in the Philippines in The Chambers of the Sea by Edith Tiempo

Every society, community or tribe is unique with its identity. A myriad of factors make up the multifaceted surface and endodermis of a community. Norms, morals, culture, history, economics, hegemony, and people, men and women alike, push and pull to affect each other. Often the people who create and perpetuate volatile norms, morals, culture, and hegemony can emancipate or imprison […]