Choosing the Right Countertop Slab Thickness

Choosing the correct thickness for your kitchen or bathroom countertop may seem like a minor decision, but in fact, it is one of the most important decisions you will make when selecting new granite or marble countertops. The thickness of the slab affects the price, the installation method and the breaking strength. Most granite and marble slabs are available in […]

Porsche car covers for maximum protection

By owning a high-quality roadster, like a Porsche Boxster, you are affirming that you value quality, engineering, speed, luxury and reliability. Few cars can match everything a Boxster does in effectively combining a thrilling sports car ride with a reasonable price. Still, owning a Porsche is an investment and you need to be careful to protect that investment. A custom […]

The happiness that springs from a clean house

Some time ago I read the book The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin. She is a 12-month guide to finding contentment and happiness in life. Well, after I finished it, I didn’t feel happy but completely angry. The only thing I really understood was basically if I can complete a task in less than a minute, get up and do […]

Revision tips for beginners

Correcting is not simple or easy. Nor should it be done quickly. Review should be ongoing throughout the book process. “I’ll fix it later” is not recommended when dealing with errors because you may not catch them later. Beginning with the initial draft editing and all the way through the approval of page proofs (exactly why they’re called proofs), proofreading […]

Pore ​​minimizing products to try and tips to keep pores well cared for

Although everyone understands that they should take good care of their skin, not many people realize the importance of pore minimizing products to achieve this goal. There are literally millions of miniature openings or craters found around the body. Each hole contains hair follicles, a small space where hair can potentially grow. These little shafts also contain sebaceous glands; These […]

Companion Cockatoos – Fun

I always had German Shepherds until I found myself living in inner city apartments ten years ago. When I met a couple who urgently needed to care for their two cockatoos for six weeks, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. These birds, a female and a younger male, were difficult cases. He didn’t always sit on my shoulder when I left […]